Zorggroep Zaanstreek consists of two care centers: Pennemes and Mennistenerf. Both of them are situated in Zaandam, in the west of the Netherlands. We take care of the elderly for many years already. Pennemes has been around since 1677, Mennistenerf was founded in 1954. In 2018 the two centers started working together and in 2022 they merged into Zorggroep Zaanstreek. The age of our residents ranges between 70 and 101 and currently we have 305 clients in Pennemes and 408 in Mennistenerf.

Five components are very important to us: a green surrounding, sustainability, animals, clean air and day light, activities. We very much believe (and scientific research proves this) that these thing help to keep people more happy and healthy. By clicking on the pictures below you can read more information on these five components. 

Through this YouTube movie you can take a look in Pennemes: Pennemes, a green approach to elderly care.