We not only try to provide the best possible healthcare to our residents, we also want to look after our planet. Therefore we try to make sustainable choices. On the roof of Pennemes there are more than 500 solar panels. The green power that is generated by the panels, is used for the lights in our offices, the apartments, the elevators and the kitchen.
In some of our offices we have sensors that register movements in the room. When no one is in the office, the lights automatically turn off. This saves 30% on electricity.

Since a few years we have a number of large solar boilers in Mennistenerf. The solar panels on the roof give power to a few big boilers that preheat the water for taps and showers to a certain degree. Because of this gas consumptions decreased by 75%. Furthermore we make sure that we use as little plastics as possible. We use glass and porcelain instead of plastic and the stirrers are made of bamboo.